Competition Limited




Serving the motorsports world since 1969

Incorporated in 1993, Competition Limited is proud to bring you the latest in lighting technology at reasonable prices with outstanding customer service. We offer full car customization and race preparation, as well as great lights and wiring harnesses and auxiliary lights for everyday to off road and rally use.

Competition Limited offers HID Kits, High Output Halogens, LED Bulbs, Wiring Harnesses in Northern Michigan. We also proudly serve Grand Traverse, Leelanau, Benzie, Antrim, Kalkaska And Grand Rapids Counties and the communities of Acme, Alberta, Bellaire, Beulah, Big Rapids, Buckley, Cedar, Elk Rapids, Empire, Fife Lake, Frankfort, Glen Arbor, Honor, Interlochen, Kalkaska, Kingsley, Lake Ann, Leland, Northport, Suttons Bay, Thompsonville, Traverse City and Williamsburg, Michigan.

We carry many types of HID Kits and HID Bulbs.
  • Standard Bulbs - These are single beam xenon bulbs. They can be used for high beams or low beams. Most kits come standard with these bulbs.

  • Bi-Xenon Bulbs - These bulbs have a high and a low beam in a single xenon bulb, this is done by an electro-magnetic operated shade that switches between high and low settings.

  • HID / Halogen Combo Bulb - A HID low beam with a Halogen bulb for high beam hybrid solution. These offer a poor solution and we don't sell them as they are inferior to the Bi-Xenon Bulbs.

  • Non-HID Blue Halogen Bulbs - These are standard filament bulbs that have the look of HID. They don't have the performance or the life of HID's but are a lower cost solution. Check out our Krypton Blue Bulbs. With our new Value HID now you can get HID's for less than $100.

Our Headlight Harness Kits provide a plug and play solution to upgrade your headlight wiring. Competition Limited recommends using one of these harnesses when running high wattage bulbs which can melt and damage the stock wiring in your car. The larger wires and connections in our Harness Kits are designed to handle the demands of high wattage lighting solutions. Installation is easy as the harness plugs into your existing head light sockets for a plug and play installation.

Headlight Harness Kits come in two different styles. An “American style” for cars with a switched hot. and a “Japanese” or import style with a switched ground. If you don’t know what harness is correct for your car please contact us and we will help you find the correct part for your car.